George Gunnett

Multimedia Specialist • Web Designer • Film Maker

Film and Animation

D&H Cloud Services

This project was created to support a live broadcast for a member of our Cloud Solutions team. The idea was to create a short video introduction of our Cloud Services as well as its team members. I co-produced the video and did all of the creative work behind the scenes, including: videography, staging, lighting, audio, direction, editing and graphics.

Samsung Fl!p at D&H

An introduction to the brand new Samsung Fl!p Digital Flipchart! This video was a little bit of a 'show me' and 'tell me' about the new product; how it works and what industries it fits into. I filmed and directed the presenter and then created the rest of the content to compliment her narration. I created everything you see in this one.

What's News at D&H

Full time, I am a multimedia editor at D&H Distributing Co in Harrisburg, PA. One of the funnest parts of my month is created these quickly paced webisodes on behalf of my company. As co-producer and primary creator, I dig through the big events for my company and our channel to highlight to our customers. Not only do I create and edit all graphics seen within each episode, but I also film, direct and script them as well.

Nerd Dad Directive Introduction

Creative as a pilot video for a new YouTube channel, this short introduction features 3D modeling, rigging, texturing and animation. Final composistion was created in After Effects where I also created the 2D animation of lego blocks coming together to form a word. Everything in this segment was created and designed by myself.

3D Earth Rotation

This was an exercise where I created a model of the Earth in 3D using nothing but a texture file and bump map. From there, I took my rendered images into After Effects to sequence them and then add in the stars and global space dust. It was a much quicker process than actually modeling the Earth with every bump and dip it includes.

Broke and Hangry: Easy Cream Cheese Dip

With the rising popularity of "how to make" food videos across social media, I tried it myself. I love to cook and I love video, so this turned into an editing exercise. Not only did I create the recipe you can follow along with here, but I shot, edited and did all of the multimedia effects within this video.